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Tamera Mowry Returns To Acting After 10 Years w/ New Hallmark Christmas Film

What’s new with Tamera Mowry-Housley?! She’s back to acting again for the first time in 10 years and we couldn’t be more excited! Just in time for the holiday season, her new Christmas film “A Christmas Miracle” (featuring CoStar Brooks Darnell) aired November 14th and airs again this coming Tuesday, then again on December 3rd & 4th!

Tamera spoke with Entertainment Access about family, children and her new film where she not only got her acting chops back, but she was also able to flex her producing skills as well. Tamera shared why this was the perfect comeback film opportunity for her. “I always wanted to do Hallmark. I love their brand. They’re very positive. I LOVE love. So, I actually got the chance to executive produce this one…”

“The film is about a single Mom who is divorced and wants to start her life all over again and pursue her passions and her dreams because in her marriage, she was so focused on her husband and her child that she neglected that part. She was a stay at home mom, but is now a writer for a daily lifestyle magazine.” says Mowry. “It’s all about falling in love.”

As for the rumors that Tia and Tamera will partner up for another movie (something they haven’t done since 2000)? “We are such twins because I just said to my director of A Christmas Miracle that I would love to do with a Christmas movie with Tia and Tahj,” Tamera laughs. “It’s magic onscreen when we work together. It’s not something we create, it’s just there.” The one catch: “We’d probably have to film it over a longer period of time because we’d be laughing every single take.”

While there isn’t any specific movie in the works (yet), Tamera is clearly 100% on board. “Maybe next year,” she exclaims.

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