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Tedashii Suffers Injuries From Accident During Final Unashamed Concert *Graphic Images*

Tedashii left a personal message on his Instagram today apologizing to fans about why he was unable to close out the fitter werenal performance on the unashamed tour. Just as he was getting ready to go on stage for the group set, maneuvering in the dark, he had a terrifying accident just as everyone else was coming on stage.

According to his message on instagram, Tedashii fell into the metal pole that holds up the screen and the base of that pole that sits on the floor.

“I went head first into the metal piping causing a concussion and face first into the base lacerating in two places,” – says Tedashii.

The tour and production management crew that were on the scene immediately began helping him off of the stage. They tended to his wounds, and did what they could to keep him calm.

Read Tadashii’s full statement about the incident on Instagram below:

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Fans are continuing to keep Tedashii in prayer as he continues to heal from his injuries.

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