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Tedashii Will Never Fold

“I understand pain firsthand,” Tedashii says. “For me, Never Fold is about celebrating life in the midst of adversity. It’s a reminder to not succumb to the pressures of life when in the end, it’s what makes diamonds of us all.”

Though a release date has yet to be confirmed, Tedashii fans can be sure that Never Fold  is coming soon as two singles have already been released, “Way Up” ft. KB and “Messenger.” If these singles shed any light on what we can expect from the album as a whole, it’s safe to say that listeners will hear Tedashii at his most vulnerable and honest state.

I lost my son but I’m still pressing on when I wanna just give it up, from “Messenger.”

According to Reach Records, “Never Fold is a construct upon which believers everywhere can build their lives. When it’s all said and done, all we can truly bank on is  what and whom we place our hope. Choosing to keep a steady hand through trials is the key to overcoming.”

Watch “Way Up” featuring KB Here

Watch “Messenger” Here

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