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The 2017 FireStorm Conference Is Here! (City Church Chicago)

FireStorm is an annual worship conference for revivalists, worshippers, church leaders and passionate believers to bring about Revival, Unity, Liberty & Expression (RULE) in the church.  If you are a worship leader or an everyday worshipper and believer, this is a night you don’t want to miss!

Presented by GodKulture Global, the Firestorm Conference team had the following to share about their mission:

“We gather to worship, pray and pursue God’s heart for revival. Our mission is to ignite the hearts of believers to reaching deeper depths in worship. We believe that when we worship God in spirit and in truth, God shows up and revival happens.

Come experience an epic theatrical production and a timeless story of God’s love and glory!  Join hundreds of other passionate believers as we give God the highest praise.” – Firestorm Conf. Team

In addition to a night of powerful worship, the conference will feature a cinematic experience of the new movie, “Glory Film” which tells a timeless story through the lens of various influential ministry leaders and worship leaders.  This film will leave an imprint on your heart that you won’t be able to erase!  You don’t want to miss this theatric performance.

In addition to great teaching sessions, the presentation of a brand new film production, the evening will conclude with the release of GodKulture worship team’s album, “Love and Freedom”.

Stream The Featured Single below:

This single is also now available as a FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD!  Click here to download.

Click here to learn more about God Kulture Global, the creators of The Fire Storm Conference.


Speakers Include:

Rotimi Kehinde, Founder & President, GodKulture Global

Pastor Andrew Malek, City Church Chicago

Lijo George (Spoken Word)

Pastor Danny Amarei

Glory Film Speakers:

Pastor Anna Morgan, Ministry Director, City Church Chicago

Pastor Lan Ijiwola, Lead Pastor, CityLight Church

Lijo George

Pastor Sho & Psalmist Lois

Rotimi Kehinde

Host Band:

God Culture

Guest Artists:

Lucia Bracho

Pastor Sho


Riel Entertainment

Order My Steps Dance Ministry

About The Founder:  

Rotimi is the founder and president of GodKulture, a global network of Christian professionals with a mission of influencing the world with the culture of the Kingdom.

Through his creative agency, Kingdom Branding, Rotimi provides design consultation to leaders and businesses in multiple fields. He also owns Godkulture Publishing, a platform through which he empowers authors to bring their stories and ideas to life.

Rotimi is also an experienced author who writes stories filled with captivating imagery.  A songwriter and speaker, Rotimi hosts conferences, workshops and speaks at events.  He also mentors creators and innovators on their purpose-fulfillment journeys.

He and his wife, Aramide, live in Chicago, IL.

Learn more about Rotimi here:

Click here for his latest book:  Father of Spirits

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