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The Walls Group Releases More Music From Upcoming Album

The Walls Group is stirring up excitement for their new album, The Other Side, set to release on November 3rd.The sibling quartet shared not one, but two, new tracks recently via social media teasers and full tracks online.

“And You Don’t Stop” is a combination of old school Gospel with The Walls Group’s harmonies mixed with modern day hi-hat synths. The track showcases the group’s vocals with heartfelt lyrics testifying of God’s protection.

The latest track is “Mercy” produced by Warryn Campbell. This track has a more modern feel featuring a balance of The Walls’ melodies with rap lyrics talking about real life pain, flaws, and mercy.

The Wall Group’s latest LP, The Other Side, is now available for pre-order and with purchase you can get instant access to these new tracks including their first single from the album, “My Life.”

We are ready to hear more of what Darrel, Ahjah, Paco and Rhea have in store for this new project since the release of their last album in 2014. What do you think about the new songs and sound from TWG?


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