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Thirteen47: Decipha’s Thirty EP Concert

One of the greatest resources we have within the body of Christ is each other. That is why it is healthy to take time to commune and celebrate life together.

On Friday December 9, 2016 you can do just that at the return of Thirteen47! If you’ve never been to or heard of Thirteen47 Cafe you should first go repent and then second clear your schedule and be there this Friday!


Thirteen47 Cafe is an event where people of different backgrounds and ethnicities come to celebrate the same God through great music, food and one another. Artists such as This’l, Shai Linne, JGivens and so many others have come to perform and fellowship. 

This time around, the lineup is better than ever with Preston Perry, Brittney Delagraentiss, Joseph Solomon, Brother 3, Sharona Drake, Witness and more! The night will serve as the release concert for Decipha’s incredible Thirty Ep which was released on October 30, 2016.

To purchase tickets visit

Posted by Vince Porter: @Vopga

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