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THISL Is Recovering From His Gunshot Wound

News went viral yesterday as fans and loved ones joined together to spread the word of the need to pray for hip hop artist Thisl who was shot during an attempted robbery. As the day went on, the details of the situation slowly began to roll out. Sources were corrected that This’l was not shot multiple times…but only once. In either case, any gunshot wound is serious. Thankfully, This’l is expected to make full recovery. Let’s continue to keep him in prayer.

JSON (Close friend of THISL) Gives Update:

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A post shared by Json (@json314) on Sep 27, 2018 at 7:02am PDT


THISL is what many call an OG in Christian Hip Hop (CHH). He is an artist, producer and songwriter currently residing St. Louis, Missouri. In 2007 Thi’sl was signed to the record label X-Hustler where he recorded three studio albums, After This House I Shall Live, Chronicles of an X-Hustler and Beautiful Monster. In 2012 he was featured on Lecrae’s album Gravity which won a Grammy award.

Thisl first started rapping as a young teen. However, at the time, his music was heavily influenced by his negative street life. Thisl later changed his life and his music followed. He has since been known for writing more positive rap and has become heavily influential in the realm of CHH.

Thisl’s influence doesn’t stop with music. In recent years, he has been heavily involved helping in the community of Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of an 18-year-old man, Michael Brown. He recently addressed the public about justice issues in the St. Louis, Missouri area and he put together a peace response, calling out the community and church to take part in the healing of the community.[7] On Demember 13, 2014, Thi’sl teamed up with Bubba Watson and donated $25,000 to repair vandalism and stolen technology at local Ferguson school Griffith Elementary.

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