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Todd Dulaney Sings Psalms 18 (Live at World Harvest Church)

Todd Dulaney recently broke into spontaneous worship live at World Harvest Church. In between songs, Todd opened his Bible to Psalm 18 and began to sing the words of the verse to the music the musicians were playing. Watch what happened below!

After an injury, this former professional baseball player made the decision to use his gift of music to change lives and hasn’t looked back since. He has worked hard and had quite the journey to where he is today. Once an independent artist, now signed to E-One Gospel in Nashville with a slew of award nominations including both Stellar and Grammy awards, he seems to remain more clear than ever on his purpose.

Todd recently shared a piece of that purpose with RollingOut Magazine in March of this year saying,

“It’s important to me to do more than just sing,” Dulaney said. “This whole thing that we’re doing right now, recording in Africa, It’s a movement. It’s more than just singing music. We want people to really believe again so our songs, they’re doing more than just exciting the crowds and making people dance. We want to make sure that we are leaving people with an experience, a full experience so they can go back home and think and say, “man, am I really believing God or am I singing the songs or bopping my head?’ So that was really important that we put that testimony in there so we can really spark faith.” 

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