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TOP 20 in CHH & Positive Music

20. Angie Rose – Unstoppable

Being that Angie Rose is from New York, she has that unique accent with a confident tone. She took Instagram by storm this year with encouraging her fans to post pictures of themselves with the sign #imunstoppable. These pictures were used in her music video Unstoppable. Ultimately, unstoppable is motivating and portrays Angie Rose being involved with her City. Quotable Lyrics -“I feel like I made it, what’s up?”.  See video here

19.  Alex Faith ft Corey Paul – 95 Atlanta

As soon as you hear the beat drop, Eazy E’s song “Cruisin in my 64” is reflected upon. The way that Alex Faith starts to rhyme can easily make the listener think of the film “Straight Outta Compton”, which made its debut this year in August. Alex Faith features Corey Paul on the track, this feature adds a hype Atlanta touch. Most importantly the end of track finishes the song smooth sounds of a saxophone, and Alex faith signing off displaying his lyrical stamina. Quotable lyrics “Creation of this here will make it clear just who my master is, I’m just tryna master this, I am not a passivist…”  See video here

18. Cataphant ft JGivens – Half Dead

Eclectic sounds arise in layers, as Cataphant begins singing in a unique way. Her soulful voice is similar to a mixture of Erkyah Badu and Corrine Bailey Rae. As the chorus begins to repeat several times of

“I lay it down… for you” a bass guitar like sound begins to strum accordingly with her voice. Her lyrical contents explains several connotations of love, laying her life down for another and God,lastly and not being scared of death. Adding an extra dash of uniqueness and creativity, JGivens is featured in the third verse. Cataphant highlights one of JGivens bars with her voice layering underneath his voice to add emphasis to the wording. Quotable Lyrics – “Have you ever seen a dead body, dear call me, from the roots of a palm tree to the tip top.”  Listen here

18. Thi’sl – Dream Team

With the same vibe of Young Jeezys – Go Crazy, This’l, “Dream team”, is that Motivation 101 for every person listening. His southern flow adds his own dash of his style to the hustler type beat, infused with sirens. This track makes a squad feel like they are in unison, and can introduce the New Year with swag while playing “Dream team” in the background.  Quotable lyrics- “…and I don’t have to worry he A-1, for my team.”  See video here

17.  NF – Intro

When the beat drops, NF’s spits like a machete. His flow ranges from low to high with a slow and steady instrumental that has various points of crescendos. With over 2 million hits on YouTube, he explains his grind to get to Capitol records, while containing humility.  Quotable Lyrics – “Rappers are comfortable knowing they’re famous, but I really don’t care what your name is…”  See video here

16. KB ft Lecrae – Sideways

KB made his mark this year with this hype track, while giving powerful bars. The chorus is what really sticks in a listener’s head. Adding Lecrae as a feature enforces this song to be make a statement. Ultimately “Sideways” sets the tone for CHH for 2015. Quotable lyrics – “Yukon Denali’s tryna be GMCs”  See video here

15. Andy Mineo – “You Know That’s Right”

“You Know that’s Right” is a slower track from Andy Mineo’s usual hyperactive tracks. This gives the listener a different vibe from him. His lyrics are memorable and he adds a Chief Keef vibe to his flow. Quotable lyrics- “If stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready…”  See video here

14. Future Kid ft Canton Jones – Silver & Gold

Future Kid, has a dominant Atlanta tone, which is elongated when he sings on a track. This song is a merge between a club banger and the gospel message. With a banging beat from Zaytoven, the track features Canton Jones (known this year for his song “I can’t help it”), definitely puts his twist on the song with his verse. Quotable lyrics “I rather have Jesus than silver and gold”  See video here

12. Bizzle – Not for Sale

Reciting Luke 4:5, Bizzle sets the tone for the “Not for sale”. Adding Lauryn Hill’s “I get out” , his lyrical content is a direct message to the music industry and his stance in it. Lauryn Hill’s soothing sounds, highlights Bizzle’s bars.  See video here

11.  Reconcile – Plottin

“Like dang bro, we supposed to be the same though…” this track is hyper active track with trill drill like drums at the core line rhythmic composition.  The song reflects on all hoods in Americas but still can keep people dancing.  See video here

10. John Givez – 2004

Starting the track off with harmonizing vocals as the background, then adding the instrumental slowly, keeps the listener wondering what to expect. John Givez’s bars enhances the track as he goes in and out of singing and rapping. Towards the end of the track, the song becomes similar to “Collard greens” by Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar. Ultimately, the song is captivating and has a memorable chorus that gets stuck in head.  See video here

9. Fedel – Run the Crowd

“Bring the Chips with extra Salsa, Boy don’t forget my salsa…”, the song is a fun enthusiastic track, that that builds people up and speaks the truth, but still can make people feel like they can Milly Rock to it.  The bass is emphasized throughout the first and second verse, plus the verses are very catchy. Quotable Lyrics – “Ima, Ima serve God…I don’t care who watching.”  See video here

8. S.O. – Satisfy

The production instantly grabs your attention. With amazing vocals from Andenike’, and a beat that merges well that brings this London boy’s lyrics to life.  Satisfy keeps listeners mindful that though we all have desires, but, at the end of the day “Nobody else, Nobody else… only Christ can truly satisfy”.  See video here

7. Alessia Cara – Here

Alessia Cara has a jazzy Amy Winehouse, meets Jhene Aiko , with a slight touch of Mary J. Blige.  Her mellow tone brings about an array of sounds with instrumental emphasis as her voice rises with the trumpets and falls with the piano. “Here is relatable to any person in an uncomfortable situation brought on by peer pressure. Quotable lyrics- “Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this, and antisocial pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this”.  See video here

6. SPZRT & Sango – Motive/Used to the Melody

Starting off with a slow, underground Drake texture, the song gives a chill vibe. Going into, the second part of the track which is called “Used to the Melody”, the entire song brings a 90s vibe with an eclectic touch. Quotable lyrics – “Just to make you smile… that’s the motive”.  Listen here

5. Dee-1 – Against Us

With a hypnotizing beat, Dee-1 starts the first verse spitting hot bars with a smooth flow, then merging the chorus with the Lord’s Prayer. His bars speak truth about society, and being on mission. In the third verse, Dee-1 raises his voice, and his stanzas match the drums of the beat. Quotable lyrics –“You speak about peace, they think that you’re weak, if you ain’t own the same mission can’t let you to close to me.”  See video here

4. J. Monty – 100 bars pt .3

  Newcomer J. Monty has a Krazy bone flow on the song which is a combination of J. Cole’s, “Apparently” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Black Friday”. With lyrics oozing with imagery, this song features old school hip hop drums and base line with a flow that won’t quit! Seemingly influenced by Bone thugs and Harmony, the track speaks for itself. One word: BARS!  See video here

3. Eshon Burgundy – Higher Learning (Featuring Uncle Reece) Watch video here

2. Ki’shon Furlow – Crazy

This track stands out on its own. The listener will clearly hear vocals harmonizing in a mixture with the unique beat to add extra emphasizes to his words and a surround sound listening effect. Ki’shon Furlow proved his skills throughout this year with winning the Legacy Conference Rap Battle competition in Chicago and being a part of DFW battle league.  Bars are signified throughout the track.  Quotable lyrics – “I was feeling overlooked, yea that’s ‘cause God was watching me.”  See video here

1. JGivens – Super Lowkey

Introducing JGivens the vocalist, this is the first song that JGivens expressed his singing ability. Adding different vocals to enhance to his harmonious sounds in the background, Super Lowkey became a staple song for CHH because everyone began saying the phrase. He even shouted out Drake’s – “Days in the East”, while consistently speaking truth.  JGivens speaks about spending time with Jesus and various sins people battles with. JGivens amazes listeners with his alphabetically influenced lyrics“… I usually like to move slowly, but do you know, super low, super lowkey. “  See video here

  Written by:

-Nesha Lanae

IG: @neshalanae

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