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Tori Kelley and Kirk Franklin Drop Hints Of New Music!

Tori Kelley dropped the first few hints of new music being on the way via social media yesterday and it left everyone with tears of joy and a lot of questions!  Today, Kirk Franklin followed suit by dropping a new photo of the two working in the studio.  These posts coupled with the video below seem to confirm it all.  New music is on the way!

my hiding place

A post shared by tori kelly (@torikelly) on Aug 14, 2018 at 2:01pm PDT

Fans are filled with of types of feels!  They unloaded everything in reply to Tori’s posts online:

Listen! When this album comes out… it will be the only album that I listen too. Don’t get in my car asking me to change the song! It won’t happen. ?? she’s workin with Kirk Franklin and that’s was all I needed to see! — ♠️Unique Falcon ♠️ (@Uniquefalcon_) August 15, 2018

I’m gonna pass out do u know how much we missed u — alexis (@astroaIexis) August 14, 2018

WHAT?!! Kirk Franklin + Tori Kelly + a gospel choir ! I’M SOLD! ????? take all my money ? ??? @kirkfranklin — Marisha Wallace (@marishawallace) August 14, 2018 — Elena Gumbs (@GuMBo_SkRiiMp) August 14, 2018

I see you @kirkfranklin ??? We’re all ready for what’s next Tori. EXCITED. — DAVID VASQUEZ ? (@TheRealDav1D) August 14, 2018 — Brandon ? (@BrandonToraay) August 14, 2018

YOU REALLY ARE COMING FOR OUR WIGS AND I MREADY TO GO BALD ? — wen (@cabellostori) August 15, 2018

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