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Trip Lee Drops New Single “Billion Years”

Trip Lee recently leaked his new single, “Billion Years” featuring Taylor Hill!  This single is the second track to release from his up and coming mixtape The Waiting Room which is expected to release December 9th.  Listen to “Billion Years” below:

Click the image below to Pre-order The Waiting Room!


< If you missed Trip Lee’s first single release entitled, “Too Cold” from the up and coming project, click here to check it out >

Mixtape Tracklist:

  1. Clouds

  2. Too Cold

  3. Lord Have Mercy

  4. IDK

  5. Ready (feat. Dimitri McDowell)

  6. Still Unashamed (feat. Tedashii)

  7. Money Up

  8. Out My Way

  9. Longer (feat. India Shawn)

  10. Billion Years (feat. Taylor Hill)

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