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Trip Lee’s New Mixtape, The Waiting Room is Here!

It’s here!!  You’ve been keeping track of each song release leading up to Trip Lee’s highly anticipated mixtape album, “The Waiting Room” … and now, the wait is over!


Lee was recently quoted by Fuse TV saying the following about the inspiration behind his mixtape release:

“On this record, I wanted to just be kind of real and raw about how difficult life is,” Lee tells Fuse TV.  “One of the themes that kept popping up in my mind was just how much waiting we have to do in this life…I know that, in this life, all of my dreams are not gonna be fulfilled. There’s some stuff that I’ma just have to wait.” – Trip Lee

Check out the full mixtape below and purchase it on iTunes!

Listen to “The Waiting Room” (Full Mixtape)

Support this artist by purchasing this Mixtape << here >>

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