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Tyler Perry Receives BET’s Icon Award & Delivers Inspirational Speech

Tyler Perry was honored last night at the 2019 BET Awards with the Ultimate Icon Award for his career and continued success. Before walking off of the stage with his award, he delivered the most inspirational speech of the night. In his speech he highlighted that his success is not just for him, but it’s to open up doors and opportunities for others.

In response to receiving the Ultimate Icon Award, Perry said, “rather than being an icon, I want to be an inspiration. I want you to hear this, every dreamer in this room. There are people whose lives are tied to your dream. Own your stuff, own your business, own your way.”

Watch the Full Speech Here:

As apart of BET’s tribute to Tyler Perry, Whoopi Goldberg spoke about how Tyler doesn’t just offer opportunities to new talent, but he makes an intentional effort to not forget about those who paved the way before him. Tyler Perry touched on that fact saying, “When Cicely Tyson said that I revitalized her career, it blew my mind. It’s so important that we not forget where we come from and that we do not discard the people that have paved the way.” Tyler then went on to tell the story of how the legendary Sidney Poitier cried when he dedicated one of the sound studios on his production to him. Poitier spoke about this night saying, “I remember standing at MGM Studios and being the only black face there.

“He has not forgotten where he comes from, and that allows him to be the giver.” says the iconic actress Cicely Tyson.

Watch The Full Icon Award Video Honoring Tyler Perry Here:

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