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Wade-O Radio Honors Women CHH Can’t Live Without

Over the past year, male chauvinism and sexism in the entertainment industry have become a hot topic and many women are shouting “time’s up;” a unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere. Equality and fairness in pay and recognition and the cessation of systemic injustice in the workplace is their objective.  To reach this goal, men will have to stand along with women to bring awareness not only to the inequality but more importantly show their appreciation, support, and acknowledgment of the work they’ve done.

This applies to the Christian space as well and the legendary DJ Wade-O is doing his part. There are many women in the CHH, CCM, and Gospel industry’s that are making things happen in front of the camera and also behind the scenes and he wants to make you aware.  Some of your favorite artists and acts are successful because of women and since the month of March is Women’s History Month, Wade-O has released “12 Women Christian Hip-Hop Cannot Live Without – Part 4” which features ArtSoul’s founder and CEO, Tamara Young.

Some of the women included Catalina “Cataphant” Bellizzi, Kay Sade, LaToria, Wande and much more.

Check out the full list  and past years lists here.

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