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Wakanda Forever: Ryan Coogler Signs On To Write And Direct ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

Ryan Coogler just gave us the confirmation that we have all been waiting to hear! Ryan has officially announced that he will be signing on to write and direct Marvel’s Black Panther sequel! This deal has apparently been made under the radar some time ago, but it is now public and official.  Ryan Coogler co-wrote the original screen play along with Joe Robert Cole. According to the Hollywood Reporter, anonymous sources have currently stated that Ryan will begin writing next year with production beginning at the end of 2019 or in early 2020.

This is going to make Ryan a busy man as he currently has several other projects under his belt including a Creed sequel, a remake of Space Jam, along with the smaller film “Wrong Answer” featuring Michael B. Jordan, which focuses on the 2006 standardized test cheating scandal at Atlanta public schools.

Black Panther made box office records earlier this year, making $1.3 billion worldwide, including $700 million domestically — the biggest U.S. box office gross for any Marvel film. Fans are expecting nothing less from the coming Sequel which will again include Chadwick Boseman making a return alongside others in the A-list team they’ll be putting together. The question is…where will they take the story next? With the twists and turns that came about from Avengers: Infinity War, many are wondering how it will be possible to include Boseman again. But, with the movie deals already in place, along with this official announcement, we can be sure that the sequel is returning. What will that look like? Only time will tell. Showing more proof that anything could happen – there have even been rumors suggesting that  Kendrick Lamar could make a cameo in the film. But, that has not been confirmed.

The next Avengers film, is slated to debut in theaters in May 2019 and the Spider-Man sequel, is due in July 2019. Marvel is leaving the exact release date for Black Panther up to Ryan. So, we will be keeping our ears to the streets for more information from Marvel of an exact time frame of when we can expect to see the sequel. But, for now, what we can say is that we’re sure it will be worth the wait!


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