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Watch The Latest in Music Videos Here!

There has been a consistent flow of music video releases recently. Check out our rundown of fresh visuals from some artists you may know and a few you should.

1. 1K Phew “Fettuccine”

The 23 year-old from Atlanta has a growing influence and wants to be an example for young people. His song (essentially) deals with cultivating a generous heart.

2. a.i “Journal Entry Four: In Memory Of”

Get to know a.i from Buffalo, New York. She performed at this year’s Legacy Fest in Chicago. Her message admonishes believers, calling them to search their own hearts and return to the examples set by the disciples.

3. Angie Rose “Angel Eyes”

Angie takes us back to her childhood with home videos of herself and her family.

4. Blanca “Real Love”

Blanca brings it will strong performance, emotion, and meaning behind the lyrics.

5. Brother3 “Familyhood”

Warning! This might make you  feel real warm inside. Brother 3 is a Chicago native with not only music but a ministry dedicated to the family unit.

6. Deraj  featuring GNRA “Hold You Down”

This one is clearly all about and all for the special woman in Deraj’s life.

7. Derek Minor  featuring Canon, KB, and Ty Brasel “Take Off”

This video has all the effects, all the colors, and all of the lights.

8. Lecrae featuring 1K Phew “Hammer Time” [Dance Visual]

This video in three words: They. Killed. It.

9. KB “Today,” “We,” and “Rebel”

A series of raw and honest visuals coming from the Native North collective. These likely hint at the concept of KB’S upcoming album.

10. King’s Kaleidoscope featuring Andy Mineo “The Beauty Between”

The band’s sound is a mix of progressive rock, pop and hip hop. They’ve built a solid following and catalog of music. If you’re into visual art (lines, contrast, and patterns) you’ll really like this one.

11. Sho Baraka featuring Melissa “March”

This anthemic, symbolic video  was created for the upcoming Frequency Conference in Pennsylvania this October.

12. Social Club Misfits featuring Beam “Dive”

You can always count on Fern and Marty to make a fun and entertaining video. This one is no exception.

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